Willowbrook Member Notices

Here are the dates for the next 3 mos.  We will be going to 2 Sundays a month for lessons with Anne, and re-evaluate after the first of the year.


Dec 4th  - Jump Rocking B 


    12:30 - study session for D1, D2, and D3  Please attend if you are getting ready to take these certifications, or would like to help the group study.      Email me privately for more information (mpjcox@gmail.com)

    2:00 Jessy, Lucy, Sarah 


Dec 11th - Jump Rocking B

    4:00 Jessy, Lucy, Sarah


Dec 17th (Saturday)

    8:30 a.m. Track tour with Xmas Lunch afterwards


Dec 28th (during the week, x-mas break)  Eileen Dressage.  Starting around 10-11a.m. This is the only date Eileen has for December.


Jan - March Anne lesson dates.  These will be pretty hard and fast dates.  I am putting a preview of other regional activities in there as well.  Eileen doesn't give dates that far in advance, but I will get them asap.


Anne 8th and 22nd

 - Annual Meeting in LA Jan 25-29

 - Jump for Joy 28-29

* Eileen not available for lessons this month will look at other options for dressage



Anne 5, 19th

               Aspen Derby 25-26


Anne 12th and 26th

 - S&C 5th

Aspen Derby 18-19th

****Aspen Derby's are on here not as a PC item but just as FYI for those that may be planning on attending.

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For information regarding our club please call  Penny Cox  360-713-3567, or email at mpjcox@gmail.com